Our Mission

Our mission as a club is one of education and of excellence. We want to teach others how to build, design, and fly their very own drone, and build a model for a collegiate racing team which is competitive locally, nationally, and internationally.

Educating GT Students

We have weekly events we host both on campus and virtually to engage with our student body. Every weekend, we have setup a time for students to be able to fly on campus. Some weeks we focus on testing quads and getting them flying, and other weeks, we setup a practice racing course with a lap timer. Every first Wednesday of the month, we have time in the Invention Studio where we build, repair, and troubleshoot quads. This is a great time for new members to get help from experienced members and save money by having access to all the tools they need to build their first quad. The rest of the month, we dedicate Wednesday nights to sim practice in Velocidrone and virtual troubleshooting of quads.

Working with local schools

We are striving to work with local schools to educated kids K-12 about drones, drone racing, and their applications. Drones are one of many great ways for kids to get excited about STEM and see the real-world importance of the science and math they learn in the classroom in a fun and competitive way! We are still in the early phases with our partnerships with many schools, but we are excited about the opportunities presented to us!

Drone Racing

In our efforts in excellence, we are partnering with Quad Rivals to build our drone racing team. Our goal is to both be competitive and create a sustainable model which can be used to spread drone racing to colleges across the nation. We are involved in racing through local Multi-GP races, CDRA, Velocidrone racing, and other local racing events. We are currently the fastest collegiate drone racing team in the nation with a #1 rank in CDRA for the 2020-21 season!

Other Flying Vehicles

While FPV quadcopters are our main aerial vehicle of choice, many of our members also enjoy flying fixed wing, helicopters, and flying wings for fun. There are many great applications for these kinds of vehicles, and we are currently seeking some competitive outlets for building and designing tradition and non-traditional flying vehicles for waypoint, payload, and other kind of missions.